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I even saw a frozen lake on the route
Arjunlal B

David Gareja Monastery, Georgia : A Travel Guide

David Gareja Monastery complex is a rock-hewn Georgian orthodox monastery complex in the Kakheti region of Georgia. It is situated on the Georgia – Azerbaijan border and has an interesting history. Parts of the complex is in the territory of Azerbaijan and thus, there are ongoing disputes between the two countries. The monastery complex consists of …

Townhall session in progress
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At GIDS 2018 : Part 2

Click here to read At GIDS 2018 : Part 1 First day at GIDS 2018 continues after lunch. So far, all talks have been running on time! On time is a good thing. Townhall Session Right after the lunch, it was time for a townhall session with a great panel of technologists. Townhall session was …

Scott Davis delivering the keynote address
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At GIDS 2018 : Part 1

Finally, Great Indian Developer Summit 2018 (GIDS 2018) was here and I am all set to attend the first day’s track : Web & Mobile. What better way to head to a technology conference than to use a carpool app I recently discovered, to share my ride with a fellow summit attendee. GIDS 2018 is …